Investigating Strategies for Manufacturing a Novel Axial Flow Blood Pump for Right Heart Support



Right heart failure is a common post-operative complication following Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implantation. At present, there is no clinically approved Right Ventricular Assist Device (RVAD) for long-term use, and it is commonplace for a second rotary LVAD to be used to support the failing right ventricle. Since LVADs are designed to support the systemic circulation where the pressure is notably greater than in the pulmonary circulation, LVADs are adapted for RVAD support. However, these adaptations come with inherent complications resulting in an increased risk of blood damage. Thus, the ICETLAB aims to develop an RVAD to combat these complications.


Investigate and develop manufacturing strategies for an axial flow blood pump for right heart support.


  • Develop manufacturing strategy for an axial flow blood pump depending on the overall device design and placement

  • Develop strategies for suitable implantation

  • Manufacturing processes should adhere to engineering standards and be cost-efficient


The present project will result in a manufacturing strategy for a novel right ventricular assist device, which will be an essential step towards the overall aim of developing an RVAD system.

Skills Needed

Mechanical engineering, manufacturing, materials, 3D design