The ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacturing of Medical Devices aims to transform Australia’s medical technology sector by developing cost competitive technologies for the rapid production of medical devices.


Our Vision

To drive the rapid and efficient manufacture of customized medical devices tailored to individual clinical needs


Our Mission

To develop and transfer state of the art technologies for medical device manufacturing delivering better health outcomes

Where Australia has achieved success in global markets, it has often related to an innovation in product performance.
— Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre ‘Sector Competitiveness Plan 2017'

The Hub seeks to concurrently develop materials, methods and technologies for more efficient design and manufacturing processes, better devices, and improved clinical outcomes.


Our Objectives

  • Improve the efficiency of processes involved with the manufacturing of medical devices.
  • Identify, develop and adopt transformational materials and technologies for current and future products. 
  • Optimise device design for manufacture.
  • Build a preeminent Asia-Pacific network of expertise spanning technology providers, end users and related supply chains.