Manufacturing of Balloon for Intra-Ventricular Balloon Pump



Short-term mechanical circulatory support devices are getting more interest for providing short-term support to patients with severe heart failure. An intraventricular balloon pump designed and developed at the ICETLAB has been investigated to provide short-term support. The IVBP consists of a balloon inserted inside the left ventricle which, by inflating and deflating in synchrony with the cardiac cycle, increases cardiac output. The IVBP comprises 4 main components: 1- the intraventricular balloon, 2- the anchor to fix the balloon in the ventricle, 3- the extracorporeal pump and 4- the pump controller including the biological control sensors. The IVBP haemodynamics were analysed in a mock circulation loop and the intraventricular flow were analysed with particle image velocimetry. Further development and testing need to be conducted to improve the IVBP biological and mechanical reliability and efficiency.


Translate the preliminary IVBP testing and development into a prototype; develop a balloon manufacturing process including the balloon anchor and introducer.


  • Balloon manufacturing including the following features:

    • material bio-compatibility

    • balloon shape control

    • durability

  • Manufacturing balloon introducer and anchor


The IVBP aims at supporting patients up to 90 days, introduction of this device in clinical practice would fill the gap between the acute short-term (few days) and long term (decades) devices that are available on the market. After acute heart failure, the longer the patient is left untreated, the greater life-threatening problems the patient will face. Access to the IVBP would assist the patient while providing more time to doctors and relatives to evaluate the situation and make the adequate decision. The significance of this project relies in proving the mechanical and clinical feasibility of the IVBP.

Skills Needed

Mechanical engineering, manufacturing, materials